Posted 3 days ago

If I lay my head in your lap maybe you will…
Rub my belly…
Scratch my head…
Massage my ears…

Posted 6 days ago

Hi! I’m Mila.

My likes:
Long naps while giving it away
Licking things
Barking and herding people
Food, food, food
Watching the neighborhood out the front door
Belly rubs

My dislikes:
When there are too many people up and about - you should all be sitting in the same room giving me belly rubs and food.
Butt sniffing - I can sniff yours but you better think twice about sniffing mine.
When I look at you cutely and you don’t give me some of what you’re eating.
When you leave the house without me.
When you pay attention to other dogs.

Posted 1 week ago

Mmm arm rest. I lick everything.

Posted 1 week ago

I like this baby bump. It makes a good pillow for snoozing.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Splootin’ with my heart on my butt for all to see

Posted 3 weeks ago

My niece has Mila well trained to receive belly rubs, or is it the other way around….

Posted 3 weeks ago

Hanging out with Bailey and keeping watch

Posted 3 weeks ago

I’m just going to rest my head on your belly…

What the!?! There’s a puppy in there!!

(Sorry Mila it’s a baby, not a puppy but you’ll be best friends anyway)

Posted 1 month ago

Picture 1 - just picked Mila up and she is hyper and loopy from meds after a tooth extraction.

Picture 2 - Mila by the time we reached home 45 minutes later.

Posted 1 month ago

You are getting sleepy… Very sleepy…