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You weren’t going to skip over my picture without liking me first, were you?

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I’m burying my bone where no one will find it!

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Crazy (puppy) eyes!!

Flashback Mila puppy pic for #nationalpuppyday

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You know you want my bone…

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Put Vaders collar tag on your blog and show your support for “Justice for Vader!” Tara and Eric need our support now more than ever. Vader was, is, and always will be loved by those who looked forward to seeing him on their dash. He will always be a cherished memory to many, and we will not forget the injustice that has been committed against an innocent animal whom everyone knew to be a loving, peaceful animal.

Sometimes, I forget how big of an impact Vader had on everyone here. The love far outweighed the hate. If I could hug you all, I would.

A friend of ours has brought Vader and his story to our attention. My heart goes out to you, Vader, and your family. May you rest in peace, and may there be justice for your case.

Very sorry for your loss. Truly unfair.

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Tri Color Corgi

We are looking for the perfect Tri Color Corgi to add to our family. See napoleonbone-apartthecorgi for the type of Tri we hope to find. Anyone know some trustworthy and reputable Corgi breeders?

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Just put my first design up on the awesome TeePublic! It’s a great site with a great vision for helping independent designers.

"Crossbros" will be only $14 for the next 43 hours.

Check it out here.